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Seadog and the Community

The above is part of a community mural located near 100 Street and Ewing, in Chicago

You’re never too old to learn something new or experience something you have never experienced before.

That’s called growth. We are all made up of our life’s experiences and having a wider range of experiences, and knowledge will help us individually interact and assimilate with others throughout our lifetimes and throughout our careers in a global world. Learning how something works or seeing something we’ve never seen before helps us understand how different pieces of a very diverse puzzle all intertwine and assimilate together to make up the entire picture.

Unfortunately, because of security restrictions and, more plainly stated, the docks, wharfs, and quays are a dangerous place to work unless you are qualified. They are certainly no place for causal tour observers or anyone without safety and knowledge of the operations. Therefore, the Port District cannot offer tours of the facilities.

However, because the Port District Board feels adamantly that knowledge and learning are important to school children, we have incorporated in this section two videos which show the early operations and history of our Number One Port on the Great Lakes.

And, as much as everyone hates to take tests, we’ve incorporated one here that will help you learn a little about the Port District.

Take the test

Answer Sheet